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FAST - Articulated Arm Gate Operator

The FAST articulated arm gate operator is designed to automate small gates that are hung from any type of pillars or posts. The new FAST kits are the easiest and quickest to install within the entire CAME range. The FAST motor comes complete with an in-built control panel which makes the installation as simple as any machine available in the world.

The FAST operator will automate most lightweight gates up to 2.3m each leaf. The FAST can be operated by all the standard CAME accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads etc. In the eventuality of a power cut the FAST has a lever operated manual release mechanism which is situated on the motor casing. The simplicity of operation of a winding arm machine always ensures the fastest possible operating of the gate.

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FAST - Articulated Arm Gate Operator

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