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FROG - Underground Gate Operator

As its name implies this superb, much copied gate machine is designed to operate in damp, below ground level conditions. It is indeed the most popular machine with the discerning customer, who not only wants a long lasting reliable gate machine, but also does not want to see any type of armature attachment on the inside of the gates.

The FROG automation system can be fitted to new gateways or most pairs of existing gates that you may have. SSM are able to visit your gateway to professionally ensure that the FROG automation system is the best possible solution for your requirement. The underground gate motors can be operated by all the standard CAME accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads etc.

In the eventuality of a power cut the FROG system has a key operated manual release mechanism which is conveniently situated on both the inside and outside of the gateway.

The FROG system is designed to automate either metallic or wooden gates and in every case the pivot arm becomes the bottom hinge for the gate. Once correctly installed, there is no apparent sign of the mechanism other than the lid of the foundation casing box, and it does not detract from the overall aesthetics of an attractive gateway.

The irreversible geared motor firmly locks the gates, unlike hydraulic machines which generally allow their pistons to 'relax' and therefore must have an electric locking system which, with the passage of time, invariably becomes an extra thing to malfunction.

The FROG underground gate machine is without doubt, the finest underground gate machine available in the world.

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FROG - Underground Gate Operator

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