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If you wish to contact us for a quotation, you`ll need to know the size of the gates you require. Please use our measuring guide below to help you determine your sizes.

Measuring Guide

When measuring the opening size it is the total distance between the inner face of one pillar/post to the inner face of the other pillar/post. Measure your distance with a steel tape measure. Please see the diagram on the right.

If you are also buying posts, please remember to allow spaces for these too.
Measuring Guide

Gates are measured from the bottom of the frame to the highest point of the gate. When measuring, please allow for ground clearance. This is typically 50mm (2"), but can be up to 110mm (4") if required. See the diagram on the right.
Fitting Guide

All gates & railings are supplied with a fixing kit (brackets, screws etc), so you can easily fit your new gate/railing to existing timberwork or brickwork. A fitting service is available on request.

Your new gates/railings will arrive coated with a protective black metal primer. Galvanizing and Powder Coating is available on request.

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